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SAIFE Insurance for Spas

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SAIFE is a new kind of insurance company that uses cutting-edge technology to eliminate business risks in spas, passing the savings on to you.


With SAIFE, you will save 25% or more on your spa's coverage - guaranteed!


Here How:

  • Policies are based on your spa's actual behavior instead of behavioral data from all spas everywhere.

  • Your spa's good behavior will never pay for the bad behavior of other spas.

  • We use an active in-room deterrent to eliminate the risk of worst-case scenarios. 

  • Without evidence, other insurance companies have no way to defend you against frivolous claims. Instead, they settle quickly, and pass those expenses on to you.


Now, you have evidence of what really happened behind closed doors, and SAIFE can insure you because we do too.

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Questions? Contact Us

For more information about Professional Liability and Sexual Assault Liability coverage for your spa, please contact:


Charles Fisher
SAIFE Founder & CEO
(540) 903-8404

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