Who We Are

Our mission is to prevent sexual abuse. In support of that goal, we move fast, we focus, and we work with integrity and candor.

As an owner of a successful spa franchise, Charles learned first- hand the devastating effects one incident of sexual assault can have on a family, a business, and an entire community.  In 2017, he founded SAIFE to stop sexual assault in the spa industry forever. A U.S. Navy Veteran and guided by his faith, Charles is an expert at building successful teams to solve big problems. He is also a loving and proud husband, father and grandfather. 

Charles Fisher

Memory is a California native who spent the last decade leading strategic fundraising and communications initiatives for notable NPO’s like Habitat for Humanity, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the NAACP. Her time developing successful revenue-generating campaigns lends to her new role at SAIFE where she oversees our brand and content objectives. When she’s not on her laptop, you can find her at the beach with her family. 

Memory Rhone

As a mathematician turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Yacin brings invaluable experience in leading tech teams and scaling tech startups. With a broad background that includes chip design, IoT, Computer Vision and AI, he simplifies complex technologies to bring new business and consumer products to market. Yacin is also a US patent holder, husband, father of three, and a painter. Creativity is the common denominator underlying all of his ventures. 

Yacin Bahi, PhD

As a results-oriented, entrepreneurial-driven Military Veteran, Joshua is a proven revenue generator.  His cross-functional competencies drive sales volume in tripling digits and reduce operational costs for total financial success.  He regards his glass as “always full” and inspires the SAIFE team with his commitment to perpetual growth. When he’s not making business deals, you can find him listening to an audiobook, cycling, or spending time with his family. 

Joshua Smith

In nearly two decades as a business strategist and marketer, Joel has led small business turnarounds, new product launches, and delivered millions of dollars in profits to investors and business owners. He’s been called an “idea generation machine." Joel specializes in product positioning, identifying meaningful metrics for decision-making, creating marketing tests, leading design sprints, and drinking lots of coffee.

Joel Sanders

Roberto is a native of Boricua who comes to SAIFE with expertise in implementing human resource strategies, financial planning, and project management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and holds a Series 6 License, a skillset that supports his role in supporting the team and overall product development for SAIFE. Outside the office, you can find Roberto running, directing the church choir, or teaching.

Roberto Cora Ferreira

Our Business and Values

We created SAIFE because we knew that the problem of human misconduct in sensitive environments needed to be fixed, and that we could fix it. We experienced a sexual misconduct problem in one of our own businesses and we were devastated by it. This one incident put our clients, family, employees, and business at risk; not to mention it cost us a lot of money. 

While we're solving a serious problem, we don't lose sight of our core values: including fun, growth, peace, and spiritual well-being.  We're really good at connecting the dots, overcoming challenges, and making complex problems simple. 

What do you value? Let's connect! 

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