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Artificial Intelligence Helps Prevent Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Tech Founders Focus on Using AI for Good by Protecting Vulnerable People

Costa Mesa, California (August 7, 2019) – From Terminator to Minority Report, for decades Hollywood has promoted a terrifying false narrative about Artificial Intelligence (AI) turning on mankind. Tech startups Deep Vision AI and Shepherd AI aim to change the perception by showcasing how they use AI for good. "AI isn't scary. We are using it to make a positive difference in the world," said Shepherd AI co-founder Charles Fisher. "We're using advanced computer vision and deep learning techniques to solve important human issues that requires large volumes of data to be analyzed" added Augustin Caverzasi, Deep Vision AI co-founder.

Rescuing Human Trafficking Victims

Deep Vision AI has developed and deployed cutting-edge visual recognition tools such as personal attributes and facial recognition that has helped to identify human trafficking victims. The company been partnered with the Global Emancipation Network to apply facial recognition technology and has identified nearly 1,000 human trafficking victims and report their traffickers to law enforcement.

Caverzasi noted, "We are able to apply computer vision technology that significantly speed up outreach and response time, two critical components to finding human trafficking victims."

Preventing Sexual Assault at Spas

Deep Vision AI partnered with Shepherd AI to develop software that will protect spa patrons from sexual assault. In recent years, nearly 200 women have filed suits against spas for sexual assault by spa employees. "The intimate nature of the spa environment can create severe risks and liability issues," noted Fisher.

It's prohibitively expensive to assign a human chaperone to each spa room and cameras would be too invasive. "AI provides an innovative solution that helps maintain a safe, secure, and professional environment," said Fisher. Deep Vision AI and Shepherd AI worked together to develop a small ceiling-mounted device that uses a variety of proprietary sensors to monitor behavior without an internet connection. AI identifies the precise location of a therapist's hands and transcribes the information into an easy-to-read report.

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About Deep Vision AI

Deep Vision AI, Inc. is a leading US-based computer vision company. Deep Vision AI provides intelligent image and video analysis that facilitate new ways of understanding and monetizing visual data in an automated and cost-effectively manner. Its core AI solutions focus on facial recognition and demographics, vehicle recognition, among others. Deep Vision AI provides AI-vision to a broad set of partners and clients to help them operate more efficiently and effectively, create new products, and accelerate business models. Public and private entities enhance security in the community by enabling real-time monitoring, analytics, and alert capabilities. Learn more at

About Shepherd AI

Shepherd AI develops and implements technology to eliminate risky human behaviors such as sexual misconduct and assault in intimate professional environments. The Puerto Rico-based company specializes in enabling an environment of trust and safety where team members act with integrity. Learn more at

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