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  • What is SAIFE Technology?
    SAIFE Technology is an intelligent device that detects inappropriate touch in spa environments. The device, which is visually similar to a smoke detector, uses smart sensors to maintain awareness during sessions and provides real-time alerts when triggered by an incident.
  • What doess SAIFE Technology do?
    SAIFE Technology provides real-time analytics of activity during massage sessions and alerts management when inappropriate behavior occurs. SAIFE is programmed to identify the location of the massage table, the position of the client on the table, from head to toe, and the massage therapist’s hands. As the massage therapist moves around the body, the device is aware of any inappropriate engagement of off-limit body parts.
  • Does this technology work?
    Yes, SAIFE Technology has been tested, peer reviewed, and is operationally deployed in Beta. Beta testing has validated that the accuracy and operational features of the technology do work efficiently. Contact us if you would like to participate in our Beta Testing Program.
  • This feels like Big Brother. Does SAIFE record audio or video?
    No, SAIFE does not record audio or video. It is a passive sensor that provides text transcripts and animated digital renderings of detected incidences.
  • Is it legal to use this technology in my spa?
    Yes, SAIFE is compliant within the current U.S. legal framework for use in professional sensitive settings. Based on a third-party legal review of use in all 50 states, including California, which has the strongest privacy laws, SAIFE is permissible and safe to implement in spas. For more information and exploration of SAIFE’s possible use in your specific environment, please contact us at
  • Can SAIFE Technology be used in court as evidence?
    We are working with some of the best US forensic attorneys to review SAIFE’s transcriptions and digital animated renderings as admissible evidence in court.
  • What happens if there is an incident?
    Should an incident occur, SAIFE will send an alert that includes transcripts and digital animated renderings that allow you to take action immediately. Alerts can be sent via text message, email, or pager system.
  • What if an incident is reported weeks after it occurred?
    SAIFE documents all alerts and also creates a transcription of massage activity that you can access through your Customized User-friendly Dashboard. If an incident was detected but not acted on by management, that information will still be available for your review weeks after it occurred.
  • What happens if there’s an alert and an incident did not occur.
    SAIFE accurately detects any incident of inappropriate behavior; however, it is possible for an incident to occur that is perceived as accidental by the therapist and the client. Any red alert is cause for discussion with your therapists to address a possible incident, safety measures, and is an opportunity for improving training.
  • How can SAIFE help me mitigate liability?
    In addition to providing real-time feedback on what’s occurring during massage sessions, SAIFE is a powerful deterrent for potential predators. Your human behavior liability decreases every second you have SAIFE Technology operating in your business. Here are some of the key benefits: Proactively prevent sexual misconduct Increase overall safety for your clients and massage therapists Opportunity to lower insurance premiums Opportunity to become self-insured Improve employee productivity and business operations Increase customer loyalty with perceived concern for safety 24/7 peace of mind Avoid legal claims Cost effective and scalable Provides record of all activity in your business
  • How will my customers feel about SAIFE Technology monitoring them?
    Most customers do not notice SAIFE’s presence in the room. Focus groups have responded favorably to the non-obtrusive use of the device. Safety ranks highest on the needs of customers who will benefit from this solution. Once assured that no audio or video recording is taking place, they adjust to the device in the same way they would a smoke detector.
  • Am I obligated to tell my customers about using this technology?
    We recommend full disclosure of your use of SAIFE Technology. We also recommend using SAIFE’s template waiver that communicates the devices features and safety benefits for clients and massage therapists. Safety is a top priority of spa goers and we encourage you to highlight your investment in protecting all parties.
  • I have trustworthy massage therapists. Am I at risk?
    Unfortunately, background checks, prevention training, and operational manuals are not enough to protect you from human behavior liability. It only takes one incident to close your doors for good. There is no other way for you to have 100% guarantee that your business is safe.
  • Will my massage therapists like this?
    Through our beta testing, we’ve learned that massage therapists are also concerned with safety. Some have been assaulted themselves and are pleased to know that the implementation of SAIFE Technology protects them as well. SAIFE technology also gives them the ability to validate their professional credibility and maintain trust between them and their clients.
  • How much does this technology cost?
    An assessment of your unique business environment is required before providing a SAIFE Technology quote. Please contact us to schedule an assessment today. Phone: 1-833-474-3724 | Email:
  • How does SAIFE Technology pay for itself?
    Eliminating sexual assault equates to improved operational efficiency and fewer man hours investigating costly incidents and frivolous claims. Becoming SAIFE Certified also gives you the opportunity to renegotiate insurance premiums, become self-insured, and validate your brand in a crowded market.
  • Do I have to pay for a monthly subscription?
    Yes. The SAIFE Monthly Subscription package includes vital features that are required to optimize the SAIFE Technology that is operating in your unique environment. To protect our brand promise to SAIFE Certified business, we have implemented built-in support services and other complementary features.
  • What do I get for my subscription?
    SAIFE monthly subscriptions include the following: $1 million bond on SAIFE technology if you meet SAIFE standards Efficiency analytics - helps with optimizing spa Brand protection Monthly online training for your team 24-7 customer support including weekends SAIFE Certification with window decal Listed on as a SAIFE Certified Business Included in monthly Blog Post SAIFE social media mentions (2 per month)
  • How do we get started?
    Please complete our contract form on our website and a SAIFE representative will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. You may also call or email us to get started today. (833)474-3724 |
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