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SAIFE Insurance Could Save Your  Spa $10,000 or More in Premiums Over the Next 5 Years

Sexual assault claims in the spa industry are driving professional liability premiums through the roof. That means that all spas pay for the bad behavior of a few individuals. SAIFE technology tracks where hands and body parts are at all times behind closed doors, without video. By preventing assaults—and frivolous claims—we can offer spas better insurance and much lower premiums.

SAIFE is Forming a New Insurance Company So That You Can Quit Paying for Other Spas' Bad Behavior

You work hard to ensure that you hire good massage therapists, train them well, and have policies in place to prevent the unthinkable: an accusation of sexual assault. Even if you've done everything right, you could still get that dreaded accusation...and you'd have no way of proving what really happened behind closed doors. You, or your insurance company, would simply pay the claim or, in the worst cases, close your doors.

"I thought that my policy covered sexual assault risk, but it didn't... and I was paying $6,000 per year! Now, I don't need to worry about it at all. I'm so glad I found SAIFE." 

—Mitchel, CloudSpa Founder, San Juan, PR​


Alert Activity View

Intelligent Sensors

SAIFE technology uses intelligent sensors to track hand and body movement during massage - without the need for video; consequently, client privacy is never in jeopardy. If a sensitive area is inappropriately touched during a session, the system records the activity in real-time via text transcripts and 3D renderings.

Instant Alerts

SAIFE "knows," for example, if the massage therapist's head gets too close to the client's body, which could be an attempt to kiss them, and instantly sends an alert to a manager or other designated party.

More Detections All the Time

Other detections include: hand to groin, hand to breast, or hand to the buttocks area if a client is facing down. SAIFE is developing more detections all the time, and is formatted for different modalities. 

Customized Technology

The technology can be customized to determine how close is "too close," per your spa's policies.

Now, You Can Monitor What Happens Behind Closed Doors... Without Invading Client Privacy

What the SAIFE Smart Spa Device Does in a Nutshell

Smart Spa Features:

  • Tracks distance of hands from sensitive body areas at all times

  • Transcribes a session log of hand distance in text format. NO VIDEO

  • Sends a text or places a phone call in real-time if inappropriate touch occurs (or even a “close call”)

  • Dashboard reports live and past activity across multiple rooms, sessions, and locations

  • Small size blends into any ceiling; looks like a speaker


Normal Activity View

How The SAIFE Pilot Program Works

SAIFE isn't an insurance company yet. We will be soon, and you can learn all about how we are setting up our new Spa Insurance Captive here. Until then, it's all about prevention, and rewarding those early adopters who move first to help us set up the captive. 

If you like to be on the cutting edge of new spa technology, and if you're serious about eliminating sexual assault from the spa industry forever, here's all you have to do:​​


Submit a $500 deposit to be applied to your premium when SAIFE Insurance enrollment opens in August of 2020.


Schedule installation of SAIFE Smart Spa devices into your massage rooms...100% FREE with your deposit.


Send us your current professional liability policy, claim loss history (if any), and/or put us in touch with your insurance broker.


Once SAIFE insurance becomes available, enjoy substantial savings over
your current premiums.


There's literally ZERO risk to you. If at any time you decide that you want out, we'll refund your deposit and remove our equipment, free of charge. 

Note: This offer exists only for the first 10 spas to reserve SAIFE Insurance coverage. If you sign on now, you'll get this deal. If you come back later, you'll still be able to sign up for insurance, but we may require a larger deposit, and we could have a backlog of installations, which will delay your coverage and savings. 

Research Shows That Spa Clients and Massage Therapists Appreciate SAIFE

A SAIFE Smart Spa device has been installed in an upscale spa in San Juan, Puerto Rico for more than five months and, according to the spa owner, "hasn't even been noticed by our clientele." SAIFE has also been tested on-site at locations in Virginia, Nevada, and Arizona, with dozens of new installations pending.

Visually similar to a speaker, the SAIFE device is barely noticeable and blends into any environment. 

When They Experienced SAIFE, Here's What They Said:

"Something like this that protects everyone is a win-win all the way. It makes me feel more secure as a massage therapist."  —Chrystal, Licensed Massage Therapist, Woodbridge, VA


"I'm okay with hand tracking because I've had a negative experience, so keeping massage therapists accountable makes me feel safe. I would go to a spa with SAIFE."  —Madeline, Cloud Spa Client, San Juan, PR​


"It's a well thought out strategy for the [spa] business. I think it's a way to implement technology into the massage experience, and it sounds positive to me."  —Edward, Spa Client, San Juan, PR​

Spa Insurance Premiums Are Rising for One Reason Alone: The Risk of Sexual Assault

Ten years ago, professional liability insurance for a spa operator with five locations cost only $8,000 with a $15,000 deductible. Today, a 5-location policy costs $50,000, requires a $100,000 deductible, and has a lower maximum payout! 


5-Location Policy Premiums & Deductibles

How You'll Save with SAIFE Insurance

  • Policies based on actual data instead of proxy data means your spa's good behavior never "pays" for the bad behavior of others.

  • An active in-room deterrent is critical because background checks and training aren't enough.  The worst-case lawsuits in the spa industry had both.

  • Without evidence, insurance companies have no way to defend against frivolous claims. Instead, they settle, and pass those expenses on to you. Now, you have evidence of what really happened behind closed doors. 

Benefits of Using SAIFE to Protect Your Business 


By knowing what happens behind closed doors, you'll have added security to deter bad behavior. Think of it as a "superpower" the old, stodgy insurance companies don't have. 


With the ability to be aware of what's happening in your spa, the risk of sexual assault approaches zero...while protecting the safety and privacy of both your spa clients and massage therapists.


This combination of prevention and elimination of frivolous claims gives SAIFE an "unfair" advantage over antiquated insurance companies that have no way of understanding-or rewarding-your spa's good behavior.


That means we can provide better insurance at a fraction of the cost. And the best part is, the Smart Spa Technology is 100% included when you commit to purchasing SAIFE Insurance!​​​​​​​​​​​

New Accusations Are Being Made Daily Against Spas. Will You Be Next?

Most claims don't make the news, but here are some recent cases.  These spas were not expecting their trusted massage therapists to commit an illegal act and jeopardize their entire business along with everything they worked hard to build. It's unfortunate, but without a strategic defense system like the Smart Spa, you are not protected and remain vulnerable to misbehaving  employees.  

What is Smart Spa Technology?

Smart Spa technology is an intelligent device that uses sensors for hand tracking and motion detection during massages. It maintains awareness of massage therapist and client activity and provides real-time alerts to designated parties if triggered by an incident of misconduct.

How does Smart Spa Technology Work?

Smart Spa Technology uses multiple intelligent sensors to monitor massage room activity. These sensors have been programmed to track hand movement and identify body positions in the room (e.g. client face up or down and where the massage therapist is in proximity to the client's body). The system provides real-time analytics of activity during massage and depending on the modality in practice, red alerts are automatically sent to management or other designated parties when an off-limits body part has been engaged.

What does Smart Spa Technology look like?

The Smart Spa fits in the palm of the average size hand, and is visually similar to a ceiling speaker. It can be designed to match any spa aesthetic (for a nominal fee).

Is Smart Spa Technology a camera?

No, Smart Spa technology is not a camera and has no recording capabilities for audio or video. It only requires sensors to perform its analysis of the room; consequently, there's no chance of a client breach of privacy.

Is it legal to use this technology in my spa?

Yes, SAIFE is compliant within the current U.S. legal framework for use in professional sensitive settings. Based on a third-party legal review of use in all 50 states, including California, which has the strongest privacy laws, SAIFE is permissible and safe to implement in spas. For more information and exploration of SAIFE’s possible use in your specific environment, please contact us at

Can Smart Spa reports be used in court as evidence?

What we know today is that it has not been proven that they cannot be used in a court of law as evidence. However, we are working with some of the best US forensic attorneys to review the Smart Spa transcriptions and digital renderings as admissible evidence in court.

What happens if there's an incident?

Should an incident occur, SAIFE will send an alert that includes transcripts and digital animated renderings that allow you to take action immediately. Alerts can be sent via text message, email, or pager system.

What should we do if an incident occurs?

We provide a best practices manual with suggestions on steps to take after a Smart Spa reported incident.* We recommend integrating these SAIFE tips into your current prevention programs.

SAIFE provides recommendations based on best-in-class protocols; however, the steps taken post-incident are subject to each spa's standards of practice and state regulations.

Will my clients and massage therapists like this?

Safety ranks highest among the needs of clients and massage therapists alike, both of whom responded favorably to the non-obtrusive use of Smart Spa technology during our tests. Once assured that no audio or video recording is taking place, they adjust to the device in the same way they would a smoke detector.


Massage therapists are pleased to know that Smart Spa devices protect them as well, and helps to ensure client engagement remains appropriate and professional.

I have trustworthy massage therapists. Am I at risk?

Unfortunately, yes. Background checks, prevention training, and operational manuals are not enough to protect you from human behavior liability. It only takes one incident to close your doors for good. There is no other way for you to have 100% guarantee that your business is safe.

Am I obligated to tell my customers about using this technology in my spa?

Because you are not recording anyone, you are not obligated to inform clients about the use of Smart Spa technology in your spa. However, we recommend full disclosure of your use of Smart Spa technology in your massage rooms. Safety is a top priority of spa goers and we encourage you to highlight your investment in protecting all parties engaged in treatment services at your establishment.

What is SAIFE Insurance?

SAIFE Insurance is soon to be the newest indemnity offering for spa businesses that face growing professional liability exposures. Thanks to the revolutionary Smart Spa device, SAIFE will offer premiums and deductibles at prices 25% or lower than traditional providers.

How is SAIFE Insurance different from that of a traditional insurance carrier?

Traditional spa insurers avert risk by passing the liability to their policy holders via increased premiums and deductibles. Thanks to various movements and increased litigious trends, traditional insurers are preparing for even more claims and the only solution is to increase rates. However, this process does nothing to mitigate future risk for you, the policy holder.


Instead of transferring risk to you, SAIFE has created a solution to an industry-wide problem that no other insurance provider can offer - the Smart Spa. We've worked diligently to provide you with a way to eliminate the risk, protecting your business and your wallet.


We are so confident in our technology that we're willing to insure you at the lowest possible rates.

Where will SAIFE Insurance be available?

In all 50 States and the contiguous U.S.

What will my policy cover?

Mistakes Or Negligence

Copyright Infringements

Personal Injury

Previously Performed Services

Defense Costs

Temporary Staff and Independent Contractors

Sexual Assault Liability

Sub-Limited Coverages

Why do I need to reserve my coverage?

Spa owners can get a SAIFE Insurance quote in August of 2020. Before that time, SAIFE is inviting a select group of independent spa owners to reserve coverage with a $500 deposit to validate the demand for a new professional liability insurance product that incorporates smart-sensor technology.


SAIFE is disrupting the insurance industry by offering dual protection against sexual misconduct in spas. Smart Spa technology coupled with insurance will give spa owners professional liability coverage at the lowest rates possible, along with added massage room security for a comprehensive safeguard of your business.

How much does Smart Spa technology cost?

Smart Spa devices, along with installations are free and included for SAIFE Insurance policy holders.


For all other operators, an assessment of your unique business environment is required before providing a Smart Spa quote.


Please contact us to schedule an assessment today.1-833-474-3724 |

Here Are A Few FAQ's We Get A Lot: 

Let's Talk

We want to hear from you. Contact us to explore how we can help you stop sexual assault in your business.


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