Technology that Eliminates Misconduct in Spas, Senior Care, and Medical Care 

SAIFE is a device that tracks what happens behind closed doors without video, protecting your clients, employees and brand.


Your best defense against human behavior liability. 

Two human beings go behind closed doors. One disrobes, and the other touches them. It's a General Counsel's worst nightmare...but it's the nature of every professional care business. Now you can maintain awareness of your caregivers in real-time, protecting your caregiver, your clients, and your brand from the devastating consequences of human misconduct.

Legal Counsel

Valuable concrete evidence to defend your caregiver against false allegations and human behavior liability. The certainty of punishment is a powerful deterrent to illicit acts. 

Business Operations

The last line of defense in your Prevention Program, SAIFE Technology picks up where your SOP leaves off, giving you the Best in Class technological edge for your management team.

Brand Equity 

Protect your brand from negative publicity and devastating fallout.  Improve customer loyalty and drive revenue with the best tech solution to an industry-wide problem.

Client Privacy

SAIFE does not record audio or video; consequently, your client's privacy is never in jeopardy. Maintain trust between your customers and caregivers with the only solution to mitigate human behavior risks in live environments. 


  • Uses intelligent sensors to detect inappropriate human touch on caregiver tables or beds

  • Generates real-time alerts for immediate intervention

  • Transcribes session activity for record keeping

  • Ceiling mounted and visually similar to a smoke detector


  • Maintain the trust of your stakeholders by preventing liability and negative publicity.

  • Maintain the trust of your clients and employees so that they’ll never question whether or not their personal safety and privacy are at risk.

  • Maintain a concrete means to defend your company from allegations or claims in any scenario.

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