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Who Needs SAIFE?

Are you looking for ways to prevent or mitigate sexual misconduct during professional interactions? Does your environment require a sensitive, classified, or private solution?

SAIFE’s Artificial Intelligence monitors and prevents high-risk behaviors and helps you keep your employees and clients safe.

SAIFE is proud to provide a flexible solution for a wide variety of industries.

Inappropriate Touch or Sexual Misconduct Scenarios:

  • Doctor’s Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Child Care

  • Spas

  • Massage Therapy

  • Gyms or Fitness Clubs

Other Uses:

  • Retail dressing rooms in order to detect possible theft

  • Bathrooms where people may be using drugs

  • Nursing homes to detect abuse

  • Human behavior monitoring in austere or classified environments

  • Monitoring in foster care environments

  • Any professional environment where trust and safety of stakeholders is at risk

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