SAIFE Technology uses intelligent sensors to perform real-time analysis of massage, senior care, and other professional caregiver environments. The device does not record audio or video to capture data, but instead transcribes sessions using text and 3D renderings. 

These intelligent sensors deploy Deep Learning models in order to understand what is happening. SAIFE captures the position of each person in the room and understands the difference between appropriate actions and inappropriate actions.

SAIFE has an inconspicuous design that is visually similar to a smoke detector

SAIFE Technology is programmed to understand the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touch. Since the system is collecting data in real time, it also understands how long any particular action lasts - thus accidental grazes or caregiver-specific touch are not cause for alarm. 

SAIFE is calibrated for industry-specific and location-specific environments, whether it's a massage table, a medical office, or a senior care facility.

In a massage room, when a hand touches a body part that is appropriate, such as a therapist's hand touching a client’s back, arms, legs, feet, and face, this is customary, and SAIFE will not take action. If a hand touches a body part that is off-limits, SAIFE takes action immediately and alerts the designated party. 

In senior care and medical care environments, specific procedures involving touch to the groin, breasts, and other areas are clearly OK...but behaviors indicating violent or other abuse would alert management instantly.


✔ 24-hour caregiver room operational awareness

✔ Real-time detection of incidents

✔ Secure reports accessible anytime, anywhere

✔ Sleek, inconspicuous design that is visually similar to a smoke detector 

✔ Powered by solar, battery, or other power source

✔ Does not require an internet connectivity

✔ No external transmissions

✔ Reports show session activity transcripts and digital rendering 

✔ Virtually updated monthly by SAIFE to increase accuracy. SAIFE gets smarter!

✔ Customized to operate in your unique professional environment

✔ Integrates with POS systems

✔ Easy after hours installation

✔ Integrates seamlessly into your current prevention program



✔ Eliminate human misconduct in your business

✔ Defend your company against false allegations and claims

✔ Save on costs of legal settlements and litigation fees 

✔ Fewer man hours on incident mitigation

✔ Peace of mind knowing your business is SAIFE from human behavior risk

✔ Industry credibility with leading Best in Class Prevention Program

✔ Insurance premium discounts with SAIFE Spa or Senior Care Certification

✔ Prevent liability with awareness of activity behind closed doors

✔ Maintain stakeholder confidence in brand equity

✔ Improve customer loyalty with a commitment to safety

✔ Avoid negative publicity with positive optics of new SAIFE technology

✔ Assurance that your clients and employees are always protected

Now that you're ready to take the next step in preventing human liability, maintaining trust, and increasing revenue, we want to help you solve your unique challenges.

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