How AI Protects

Artificial Intelligence uses a smart infrared sensor instead of a traditional camera. The system performs powerful analysis with or without an internet connection or other cloud infrastructure.

These infrared sensors deploy Deep Learning models in order to understand what is happening. Without recording video, the sensor captures positions of each person in the room in real time.

The system is specifically tailored for your environment so that it understands the difference between appropriate actions and inappropriate actions.

For instance, in a massage therapy environment, AI is programmed to understand the difference between appropriate touch and inappropriate touch. Since the system is collecting data in real time, it also understands how long any particular action lasts.


When a hand touches a body part that is appropriate for a massage therapy environment, such as a therapist's hand touching a client’s back, this is appropriate, and the system will not take action.


However, a therapist's hand touching a client’s body part that is off-limits for the environment will cause the system to take action in real time.


As the client, you’ll let us know how and when you’d like to be notified of any events. You will have the ability to be notified in real time of anything significant.

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